The G-Mixer adventure started in 2005 and was intended to answer to the huge challenge of successfully incorporating nano-particles into a polyurethane matrix.

Plastiques GyF Ltée developper and manufacturer of a wide range of polyurethane resins castings, needed a way to achieve perfection in blending its products components, particularly when minute quantities of powder need to be evenly dispersed into a varying viscosity. Naturally, all the existing methods were used at first; mixing with hand drill, vortex mixer, high shear mixer, ultra-sonic apparatus etc…

After, trying the newest mixing technologies from various manufacturers, Plastiques GyF ltée decided to undertake the development of its own mixer and, in 2006. created the innovative center G-Explore ltée to incubate and engineer the perfect mixer.

Inspired by the study of the ÉTS (École de Technologie Supérieure), in Montreal, the scientific principle used by the G-mixer involves g-forces but its novel system of finely balancing those forces, yields a new and elegant mastery of harnessing g-forces. Within seconds after loading, it easily achieves a mixture free of bubbles and of perfect viscosity.

Over the past several years producing industrial mixers, we have compiles an important data base from our records and can now share our findings.

The G-4000 industrial mixer

The G-4000 industrial mixer is quite straightforward. Two rotating containers spin around in opposite direction, to gently roll the resin around while the centrifuge energy pushes it at the bottom of the container, then a steady stream of the product embracing each other in a smooth ballet where each particle must, at some point, be in touch one with the other.

The G-4000 Industrial Mixer provides many features such as safety, clean technology and huge savings made on production, operation costs and maintenance.

Take a look at the video below to see how it works.

The G-4000 industrial mixer uses a bi-directional centrifugal forces to compel all particles to "walk" or migrate towards a central point in the mixture where they finally collide with each other.

These phenomena allow the G-4000 to create a mix that is 20% more efficient.

Sinusoidal velocities are adjustable to customize mix control.

Precision manufactured to guaranteed lasting satisfaction.


Mixes, blends, homogenizes

Your resin data repeats exact parameters everytime

Fast: 30 second mixing time

No air is added nor removed to the mixture

Easy powder dispersion

Preserves particle's integrity

Does not overheat the mix

No product lost nor cleaning solvent needed

Evenly disperses different products into one homogeneous blend

Adjustable start and stop velocity

Optimal mixing for:

Polyurethane, epoxy, silicone, polyester, foam, oil, grease, powder, concrete, pigment, dyeing, glass beads, metal powder, bacteria and milk powder.

Reusable containers

• Reusable closed containers
• Capacity from 100g (3.3 ounces)
up to 4000g (1.3 US gallon)
• Custom-made pot holder
• No solvent needed to clean



• Programmable touchscreen
• Up to 100 recipes
• Mechanical on/off switch
• Emergency stop button
• Automatic vibration sensor shut-off
• Locking cover

A wide array of advanced settings

LCD Touchscreen

• Main menu access
• USB connectivity
• Variable speed
• Odometer
• Adjustable time and velocity
• Recipes
• Security light


Engineering Marvel

• 3 moving parts only
• No belt, no gear
• Direct drive
• Abrasion resistant Gyftane® band tread
• Ergonomic, quiet
• Easy to use



• G-40K industrial mixer
• Two 5 gallons pails

• 40kg maximum capacity
• Available by June 2020

G-Explore ltée

82, rue Paquin
Québec, Canada
J2X 3P5

Tel: (450) 347-6965


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